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Implications of the China-Africa Economic Partnership

The US-Asia Institute hosted special guest speakers to discuss the growing economic ties between China and Africa with a special focus on the impacts for U.S. Foreign Policy.   Speakers Dr. Witney Schneidman, Senior Advisor at the Africa Growth Initiative at the Brookings Institution, President of Schneidman & Associates International ( The Honorable David Shinn, former Ambassador and Adjunct Professor
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Leadership in Transition: Myanmar

Experts examined the upcoming elections in Myanmar, economic effects of liberalization, and the impact the country’s potential pivot will have on relations with China and the U.S. Speakers Ms. Priscilla Clapp, Senior Advisor, Asia Society Mr. Brad Babson, Consultant on Asian Affairs Ms. Jennifer Quigley, Advocacy Director, US Campaign for Burma Moderator Dr. Michael Martin, Specialist in Asian Affairs, Congressional
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