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Programs at USAI are designed with the important goals of education, exchange, and leadership in mind. This Institute aims to equip students, policy makers, advisors, and other interested parties with the tools and opportunity to engage in the U.S.-Asia relationship. These goals are not only integral to the US-Asia Institute’s success, but the success of the U.S.-Asia relationship.

Our Internship Program gives hands-on experience for students interested in the field of U.S.-Asian affairs. Through education and exchange it is our goal to help interns become future leaders.

Created in 2008, the J. Matthew Szymanski Rule of Law Program was started by J. Matthew Szymanski to educate Chinese legal professionals about rule of law in the United States; to prepare them to become leaders in their field; and to inspire them to make constructive changes in their legal system.

The Joji Konoshima Memorial Fund and the Norman & Esther Lau Kee Fund exist to promote exchange and research among select Asian leaders from the business, political, and academic communities.