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J. Matthew Szymanski Rule of Law Program

2014 Rule of Law students with Senator John Boozman of Arkansas


The US-Asia Institute and Matthew Szymanski are pleased to announce 2016 will mark the inaugural exchange program for U.S. law students in China. Further details are available here.


Mission: To educate top Chinese law students about rule of law in the United States through a four-week summer program in Washington, D.C. providing first-hand exposure to the officials and institutions of the U.S. Government.  See Founder’s Letter here.

J. Matthew Szymanski, Senior Advisor at the US-Asia Institute.

Sponsors: Since 2008, the US-Asia Institute has partnered with J. Matthew Szymanski, a former congressional staffer who lectures at Chinese law schools, to host some of his top Chinese law students in Washington, D.C. for four weeks each summer.  The goal has been to introduce aspiring legal professionals from China to the rule of law system in the United States.  A total of 35 students have now participated over eight summer sessions, which USAI and Mr. Szymanski have jointly organized and sponsored.  Past funding has come from USAI, Mr. Szymanski, and the participating students.  Future donations to USAI for this program are most welcome.

Students: Participating students have come mainly from East China University of Political Science & Law, Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Law, and Peking University School of Transnational Law (an innovative four-year graduate law program that combines a Juris Doctor degree in American law with a Juris Master degree in Chinese law).  To be eligible for this program, students must be fluent in English and familiar with the U.S. legal system.  For a picture summary of their educational environment in China and how they have been chosen for this program, see China Context for DC Program.

ROL 2014 Capitol PhotoProgram: During each four-week session in Washington, D.C., the Chinese students lodge near Capitol Hill for easy access to scheduled meetings and events. From breakfast to dinner, they are immersed in American legal and political life, visiting key institutions across Washington. They visit the Capitol, White House, and Supreme Court as well as federal agencies, law firms, law schools, and historic landmarks. They attend congressional and judicial proceedings and meet many key participants, including lawmakers and law enforcers, judges and prosecutors, law professors and private attorneys. On weekends, they explore the national capital area, visit other cities in the region, and interact with Americans in a wide range of social settings. See Photo Gallery here.

Hosts:  During our eight programs to date, we have met over 1,000 U.S. hosts, including 62 presidentially-appointed judges, 95 elected congressional lawmakers, and more than 100 administration officials.  See List of US Hosts here.  Many hosts, including congressional leaders in both parties, have written letters of support.  See Support Letters here.


For more information, please contact Mary Sue Bissell, USAI Vice President and Executive Director, at mary.sue.bissell@usasiainstitute.org or 202-544-3181.