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Letters of Support

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List of Authors by Date of Letter/ Order of Appearance:

(current positions or titles may be listed, where known)

Gary Locke, Ambassador, United States Embassy, Beijing, China
Daniel K. Inouye, President Pro Tempore, United States Senate
Fred Drummond and John Meier, Captains, USN, National Defense University
Cameron F. Kerry, General Counsel, United States Department of Commerce
Victoria Espinel, U.S. Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator, Executive Office of the President
Robert Wang, Deputy Chief of Mission, United States Embassy, Beijing
Richard J. Durbin, Assistant Majority Leader, United States Senate
Ray LaHood, Secretary of Transportation, United States Department of Transportation
Jeffrey S. Lehman, Chancellor and Founding Dean, Peking University School of Transnational Law
Michael B. Enzi, Member, United States Senate
Blanche L. Lincoln, Member, United States Senate
Olympia J. Snowe, Member, United States Senate
Beatrice Camp, Consul General, United States Consulate General, Shanghai
Susan Roosevelt Weld, Executive Director, Law–Asia, Georgetown University Law Center
John A. Boehner, (currently) Speaker of the House, United States House of Representatives
Steny H. Hoyer, (currently) Minority Whip, United States House of Representatives
James Moran, Member, United States House of Representatives
Shawne Carter McGibbon, Acting Chief Counsel for Advocacy, U.S. Small Business Administration
Michael W. DeYoung, Colonel, USA-Ret., Vice President, SMI Inc.
Jeremie Waterman, Senior Director for Greater China, United States Chamber of Commerce
Thad Cochran, Member, United States Senate
David J. Ohrenstein, Director of Public Policy and Emerging Markets, Business Software Alliance
Chris McCannell, Chief of Staff, Office of Michael McMahon, United States House of Representatives
Paul Wilkinson, Senior Advisor to the Chairman, United States Securities and Exchange Commission
Phil Kiko, (currently) Chief of Staff, House Administration Committee, U.S. House of Representatives
Hillel Weinberg, Assistant Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction, U.S. Department of Defense
Ernestine Wang, Director of Programs, United States-China Policy Foundation
Steve King, Member, United States House of Representatives
Anoop Prakash, Associate Administrator, United States Small Business Administration
Ying Lowrey, (currently) Professor of Economics, Tsinghua University
William C. Kirby, Director, Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies, Harvard University
Daniel B. Wright, Senior Vice President, Stonebridge International
Noel J. Francisco, Partner, Jones Day
Willy C. Shih, Professor of Management Practice, Harvard Business School
Louie Gohmert, Member, United States House of Representatives
William H. Simon, Arthur Levin Professor of Law, Columbia University Law School
Bradley Knox, Vice President & Counsel, Aflac, Inc.
Eric Wagner, Lieutenant Colonel, USA-Ret., Vice President, Honeywell International
Mary Sue Bissell, Vice President and Executive Director, US-Asia Institute
Timothy P. Stratford, Assistant United States Trade Representative, Executive Office of the President
C.H. Tung, Vice Chairman, National Committee, Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference
Matthew R. Shay, President and CEO, International Franchising Association
Sun Chao, Professor of Law, East China University of Political Science and Law
Lin Yan, Professor of Law & Former Assistant Dean, Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Law
Clark T. Randt, Jr., Ambassador, United States Embassy, Beijing
Kenneth Jarrett, Consul General, United States Consulate General, Shanghai

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